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skin deep

all this talk of

building walls

into love we fall

plummet from a building

a million metres tall

when we bare our soul

we lose control

of the narrative

in the end we give

too much of us away

we fear what others say

"you're weak, why couldn't

you withstand it, be wooden?"

we've coined the terminology

"toxic positivity!"

fake a smile, for a while

the pain fades eventually

if everyone else is so perfect

what else would we expect

than to feel alone in this expanse

one time mistake, no second chance

if we don't agree

to expose raw wounds

how then can we

heal, grow new tissue

connection is made

when we move past skin deep

we will be afraid

and it doesn't come cheap

but we cry, we bleed, we burn out

we fight, we cheat, we self-doubt

nothing lasts forever, everything fades

what was so shameful about this anyway?

YOLO is overdone, its so cliche

but it's something i live by everyday

life's too short to hide not confide

stress not confess

and pretend not make a friend

so one at a time, bring down your walls

we have gravity, enjoy the fall!

and before you forget, most of all

everyone has scars we all have flaws

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