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pH < 3

your words surge up from your throat

drops of saliva landing on my sleeve

burning through it like acid rain

they sizzle as they meet my epidermis

eating through flesh and vessels

engaging in a marathon with red blood cells

until it meets my heart

sets it ablaze

and my own acid rises to meet yours

reflux propelling the words up and

out of that burnt mouth of mine

a geyser spewing the acid from

beneath my carefully constructed

ground, and it hits you

splattering the walls around

we stand there, chests heaving

the room burnt away to nothing

filth settling upon our skin

turn on our feet to the bathroom

and scrub ourselves with soap

washing away our dirty words

neutralising our stinging wounds

new and old

we did not expect it

finally, i can touch you

we shake hands, a silent resolve

to do this again


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