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a lone dancer

she stands by herself, shunted to the side

sequin dress glittering under the light

when the others look at her, she smiles

but only rarely; brighter stars glow at night

she’s out in the open, no four walls

no recluse to duck to, nowhere to fall

scanning the crowd, holding glasses for two

holding back tears and trying not to brood

the music swells; she begins to move

at last a partner approaches her to groove

it’s the cold wind. her cheek is caressed

resting its hands on the back of her dress.

her feet move quick, but it matches her pace

and although her partner doesn't have a face

she imagines it is grinning widely at her

as it spins her around and she twirls

finally, she has a partner who begins to sway.

she’s been waiting for this the whole day

the wind sure knows its way on the dance floor

and she laughs. she needs nothing more


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