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a scream

a scream claws up my throat

but my lips are clamped too tightly to let it out

vainly, it scrabbles for purchase

then falls back down into the void

never to be seen again

a sob tries to get out, and its brethren stare

up at it hopefully as it makes its way out of

my drowning lungs

but it is brutally rebuffed

it never sees the light of day

exhaustion effortlessly succeeds where others didn't

a weighted blanket drapes over my shoulders

numbness settles its ghostly hands over my throat

i feel the air rushing in but i can barely breathe

i choke on nothing

where is my cocoon? my bubble

my safe space divorced from reality

a pocket dimension, a slice of time

where i'm the only one

and no hands can breach the barrier

where is the place where i can roam free

of any stresses, any pressure that threatens to crush me

an invisible hydraulic press

is it only in the afterlife

or have i missed it forever:

the fetal position

the amniotic fluid

the muffled sounds

growing limbs

and no sensations

is my fate to stay shackled

in this meat prison of mine

doomed to feeling multitudes of emotions

a spectrum of pain and a myriad of joy

neon colours blind my eyes

god where is my out

my escape

my "exit game"

where is the light at the end

of this never ending tunnel

fists ball

tears fall

i raise my head to the sky

and finally, that scream i keep trapped within

rips out and reverberates


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