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nine months i spent wrapped up in you

you cushioned me from damage and pain

a fragile package you delivered on the nineteenth

which you protected again and again

as i grew, i liked to press your belly,

push your buttons, pop your bubbles

i ran from you, blocking my ears from your words

but your arms are still wide when i need cuddles

i expanded and grew, but your size still stayed the same

you started to squeeze

i couldn’t breathe

and i needed to get out of you

but i have learnt that

even when your bubbles have no more air

and you can’t soften my falls

you still refuse to stop wrapping around me and

i will feel your absence when you’re not there at all

but almost all your air has escaped

and i have enough glue to hold myself together

perhaps its time for me to wrap around you

and soften your landings in stormy weather


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