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the lingering taste of water in my mouth

golden grains lifted into the air

vainly i wade through to the nearest oasis

but my hands close on empty space

they fizzle away before my eyes

no one around for miles

only the sky hears me scream

cracks ripping in the membrane of my throat

body starts burning up

i try to catch the sweat droplets

but they slip through my shaking fingers

and are gobbled up by the greedy sand

i'm crawling now

delirious laughter bubbles up

i'm in so much pain that it's funny

hysteria possess my brain

my breath is shot my lungs feel ripped

to shreds i can hardly think straight now

everything burns and stings and bleeds and i need water so badly where are my loved ones i hope they dont miss me too much

a body collapses, never to get up again.


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