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friendship breakups

the day that i declared us broken

i went to go and see the ocean

i sifted through the sand for seashells

hoping that i could find myself

when the ocean tides are high

beneath the currents is where truth lies

when the ocean tides are low

that is when the dead bodies show

no matter how big the sea may be

remember it still has boundaries

and if you cross them too far down

there is a chance that you will drown

it is a fact universally known

but not often universally followed:

sometimes people drift apart

sometimes people get broken hearts

friendship breakups are always hard

how does the end even start?

there’s no terminology to define

no no-contact rule to abide

friendship breakups are always hard

left with certain wounds that scar

lovers can never let go of each other's hand

but exes never refer to friends


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