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weary are the hopeful

for they always have to wait in vain

to see the sun

while the world is flooded by torrential rains

and melting icecaps

wary are the hopeless

for they must convince themselves

life is nothing but pain

even as they find the gold

at the end of the improbably beautiful rainbow

weary are the faithful

for everyone around them has invested them

in a higher order they have to believe is there

otherwise their whole world may crumble

and they will have to build it back up themselves again

wary are the faithless

for they have to comprehend the futility

of human existence, the randomness

of tragedies, without someone to reassure them

it all happens for a reason

weary are the people

for they must survive in spite of

the ways they destroy each other

the ways nature destroys them

the way the universe swallows them whole.


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