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you opened the car door

and i got in, smiling

it was my first time as a passenger

it was your first time driving

we drove down routes

neither of us travelled

the roads seemed smooth

although we knew there was gravel

but then you shut the engine

and we both got whiplash

you hit your head when you fell forward

and i bruised my nose on the dash

i opened the car door

and you got out, sighing

you avoided my gaze

but it seemed like you were crying

the car kept moving

though i tried to slam the brakes

they call it inertia when we can’t stop

and these feelings, we can’t shake

momentum pushing me forward

wheels turning on their own

i tried everything to bring it to a halt

but then i realised, alone:

the routes we travelled

were short, some had dead ends

but so what? we were happy

i’m glad we were driving those bends

although i didn’t like it

now i see things from the driver’s side

i touch my nose bridge

and thank you for the ride


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