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painful monthly suffering

a wife's emotions are raging

her husband merely dismisses her

"she's just pms-ing"

but he doesn't understand

a girl in class is upset

the boys laugh at her

"she's just pms-ing"

but they don't understand that

a waterfall gushes out whenever you sneeze

a stabbing sensation punishes you for every step

an ache in your back starts that just won't go away

a migraine begins mysteriously

it isn't just a rage that appears and disappears

a sadness that hunkers down to stay

they tell us to be grateful

"you have it better than most girls

around the world they might experience

worse things than you, like

a filthy isolated hut in the middle of the woods built to hold a tiny girl

an empty dirt stained mug that no one dares to fill

a blackened rag to catch the "dirt" that pours out of her

a hunger for food that's never satisfied

a spike in temperature that doesn't go away

a hand with blackened frozen fingers

a wild animal pounces and adds fresh crimson to the brown

but how can i be grateful

when i hurt

and ache

and fill with pain

for the crime of being a mother-in-waiting



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