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second hand embarrassment

are you some kind of bird

because you're dancing and flapping your arms

you try to take my hands

but you forgot about your clammy palms

you were so confident with your pickup lines

you thought you were smooth as butter

but they didn't do much for me

especially when you stutter

your eye is twitching; is that a wink?

your hand crosses over to mine

but along the way you knock over your drink

this isn't the first time

you offer me your coat

when you see me getting cold

the shoulders are too broad

and truth be told

my cheeks are beginning to heat

my ears are starting to flush

i'm getting second hand embarrassment

just watching you rush

to impress me

but the schoolgirl

within, the one easily won over;

she hears all of this

and has started to stir

so though i remain mute

and squirm on your behalf

i think what you do is cute

quietly, i laugh


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