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you’ll see me lurk in the back alleys

of your account, always scrolling

through the nooks and crannies;

discovering at the pace of strolling

i hover, i search, i dig, i trace

something catches my eye,

and i dive in. a name, a face

maybe even something i’d try.

but it goes deeper. i go deeper

to the rawest parts of your heart

exposed on the internet for all peepers

to see, to witness the collision of art:

who you are, what you hated and liked

what stories you weaved, like tapestries:

the “what ifs” and “everything will be fine”,

the rage monsters and the “maybe…”

you retaliate, you won’t give in:

two can play at this trick

and you swear when your finger slips

to play a song from my Spotify playlist


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