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sweet foods [REQUEST]

cheesecake, meringue and blueberry pie

he couldn't get enough of the sweet life

tarts and strudels and lemon rye

the sugar was the apple of his eye

caramel, cookies and butterscotch toffees

he liked to eat them all with a cup of coffee

for this ambitious man with goals so lofty

the sugar was the main theme of his story

but one day the chocolates and puddings

had enough of his rampant consuming

they were small enough to be unassuming

but their plan for the man was a crisis looming

he gulped the desserts down as before

as usual it was sugar galore

but what the desserts had in store

the man was gonna suffer and more

slowly, the sweetness ate him up inside

they didn't give him a chance to fight

he clawed at his throat, regretting his last bite

and in his apartment, the sugar made him die


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