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the jungle [REQUEST]

geometric shapes surround her:

the rectangles of flats in decline

the circles of lifebuoys by the harbour

and the triangles of traffic signs

her life is covered in lines:

parallel for the zebra crossing

perpendicular in the building designs

straight as the support pillars reinforcing

complete concrete

she feels trapped

she needs a retreat

into the past

into the jungle of green

vines and twirling stems with leaves

growing wild, draped between

two hefty trees

the only straight lines

she sees are from cloudy skies;

oxygen and hydrogen combine

to form precipitation and baptise

all the jungle’s living creatures

including our world-weary traveller

she can hear the birds chirp

and see the day getting brighter

a fact she has always known

but never realised ‘til she’s grown

in the city she feels alone

but the jungle feels like home


city girl's first time travelling out of her home and into the jungle


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