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the master of sabotage

Paper cutting by Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875)

i met the sneaky intruders

a very long time ago

tried to expel the interlopers

with strong armed shows

but they yanked my arms

behind my back

slammed me into harm

subjected to attack

after attack. it never ends:

my spine breaks

like a glow stick, bend

me in half and shake

place a cloth over my lips

and pour water in

the life-giving liquid

is now robbing my breathing

all while they whisper in my ear, fake

poisonous sweet nothings

seduce me with venomous snakes

bite me when my instincts creep in

to protect me; the reflexes my body

developed to shield me

are now mortal enemies

they’re having a field trip

make it stop, i scream desperately

they only laugh mockingly

“we’re merely agents of espionage,

serving the master of self-sabotage”


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